the process

On this page you’ll gain an overview of what the process of creating your video will entail, from the initial contact through to the final delivery.


Like pretty much any project, the creation of your video will start off with a brief through which I will gain an overview of your requirements. This might take the form of a brief you have already prepared or it could take shape through a series of conversations we have regarding your project. It will cover things like story, duration, budget, target audience, deadline and more. 

A list of reference images and videos is always helpful as this can save a lot of time in determining the style and feel you’re after so having that sort of thing ready from the start would be very handy.


If you haven’t already got a script, not to worry, I can help. I regularly collaborate with a few talented script writers and together we can produce something that will meet your requirements.

Whilst you might be expecting to see something that looks like it belongs on a Hollywood filmset, in reality I’d be delivering an “Audio/Visual Script” which consists of two columns: on the left we have the audio/dialogue whilst on the right we have the action. 

Storyboard & style frames

Very often an audio/visual script is all that’s required to get started but with more complex videos a storyboard can be a huge timesaving device – it will allow me to present you with a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing the video.

At the same time I will be getting started with style frames for your video. These are static, visual representations of how the final animation will look. Generally I will prepare a few style frames for a few key sections in the script – this will allow us home in on the final look of your video.

Traditional Storyboard
Style Frame
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voice over

Whilst there may be times when it’s possible to get started without the voice over (the recording of the dialogue which will be featured in the video) it’s not something that’s recommended as the voice over detemines much of the video’s timing.

You may want to provide your own voice over or you can leave it up to me to present you with some voice options to choose from prior to recording.


Once all the above is in place it’s time to get started on the actual animation. As you can imagine, this is often the most time-intensive part of the whole process which is why nailing the script, storyboard, style frames and voice over are so important. 

Sometimes it might make sense to generate an animatic which consists of a series of static images edited in time to the voice over. This will allow us to determine the timing of the video before getting started on the animation.

audio mix

This is the stage where sound effects and music are added, voice overs adjusted and levels optimised, all to ensure that your video sounds as great as it looks. 

final delivery

I’ll generally supply a master copy as well as a version of the video, exported to your requirements (YouTube for example). The master means that you will be able export your own versions further down the line if you want.

Get in touch and let's get the ball rolling.

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