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Born in Hamburg, my family moved to Africa when I was 4. With a background in Fine Arts I was drawn to visual effects in England in 1987 but then moved into films, working in various departments including set dressing and props.

In 1991, I discovered computer graphics and after a course in Softimage 3D in Montreal, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve followed a convoluted CG thread which has taken me from Germany to the UK, Lebanon, the United States and Australia. On this journey, I’ve been involved in a varied range of projects in industries that include feature films, documentaries, commercials, corporate, stock footage, explainers and educational (my favourite).

Over the years I have developed a diverse network of talented freelancers – illustrators, animators, visual effects artists and script writers. These are the people who come onboard when the job calls for flavours that are not available in my digital spice drawer.

Working as a self-employed animator allows me the freedom to utilise my talents more fully. I enjoy leading teams of people, overseeing the direction of various projects and of course being able to dictate my working hours so as to keep a healthy work/life balance.

I’ve been a Mac boy since 1995 and currently run with a 2013 Mac Pro and a Mac Studio M1 Ultra. Hergé and Chris Ware make me drool, music greases the wheels, reading is the relish and my family keeps me sane. I love what I do and provided it leaves time for family and reading I’ll probably be mid-click when I pop my clogs.

current projects

3 economics educationl videos with Tilapia Film

HBO documentary about Stevie Van Zandt, directed by Bill Teck – motion graphics and digital effects.

Tools of Science video for Rutgers University/Tilapia Film – motion graphics.

Medical education videos for Em:rap.org – motion graphics.


Community Services Public Service Announcement video for the recently flooded Pajaro community in California, through Tilapia film – motion graphics.

Planned Parenthood, Santa Cruz Roadshow for Quinn Costello – motion graphics slide content.

Standup Comedy show “Coming Up Roses” for Tania Lacy – posters and flyers.



Jack Has a Plan (Documentary) (visual effects), 2022

Rodents of Unusual Size (Documentary) (visual effects), 2017

Nat Bates for Mayor (Documentary) (Title Design), 2017

A Brilliant Genocide (Documentary) (animator), 2016

A Dangerous Idea (Documentary) (additional graphics), 2016

Seed Hunter (Documentary) (computer graphic artist), 2008

Seven Swords (compositor), 2005

Revealing Gallipoli (TV Movie documentary) (computer graphic artist), 2005

Who’s Afraid of Designer Babies? (TV Movie documentary) (title designer: main title sequences), 2004

Muddy Waters: Life and Death on the Great Barrier Reef (Documentary) (title designer: main title sequences), 2003

Behind Enemy Lines (computer graphic artist: Bionics), 2001

The Little Vampire (computer graphic artist), 2000

Mission: Impossible II (cg supervisor: Bionics) / (computer effects graphics designer – as Ole Sturm), 2000

The Beach (computer graphic artist – uncredited), 2000

Mad Cows (computer graphic artist: Bionics), 1999

Eyes Wide Shut (computer graphic artist – uncredited), 1999

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (computer graphic artist: Bionics), 1999

Alien Love Triangle (Short) (computer graphic artist: Bionics), 1998

The Jackal (cg supervisor: Bionics), 1997

The Saint (computer graphics artist: Bionics), 1997

Fierce Creatures (special thanks: Bionics), 1997

Daylight (CG Supervisor: Bionics), 1996

Mission: Impossible (senior computer graphic artist), 1996

The Revenger (assistant props master), 1990

Return to Justice (set dresser), 1990

Thieves of Fortune (assistant props master – as Ole Sturm), 1990

Options, lead artist driver, 1989

Red Scorpion (production assistant), 1988


informotional.studio | Berlin, Germany

During my time in Berlin I shared an office space with illustrator Miriam Barton and motion graphics animator Christof Görs. In 2019 we decided to set up informotional with an office in Berlin. 

tilapiafilm.com | California, USA

I have been collaborating with Tilapia since 2014. Tilapia works with companies, non-profits, and television broadcasters, using real life situations and people to inspire, inform, and educate. They always look for ways to use distinct cinematography, stylized graphics, and unique music to capture and affect audiences. The creations include documentaries, corporate brand videos, non-profit campaign films, book videos, interstitials, title sequences, and music videos.

nickhallam.com | Melbourne, Australia

I have teamed up with Nick on numerous projects since 2002.

He has over 30 years of experience in the Australian TV and film industry and is a highly skilled and accomplished cameraman and director with an extensive production kit.


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Short form of “isn’t it”. Used at the end of a statement for emphasis.

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