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about ole sturm


I have been working in computer graphics and animation since 1994 in the US, UK, Germany and Australia. During this time I have worked with a large variety of clients across a broad range of industries including feature films and television, advertising, educational and corporate.

Many of the videos I deliver are too complex for just one person to handle to which end I’ve built up a network of freelancers with whom I regularly collaborate. In such cases control of the project remains in my hands and I am the point of contact for the client. 

Visit my LinkedIn and IMDB profils below.


infomotion.studio | Berlin, Germany

During my time in Berlin I shared an office space with illustrator Miriam Barton and motion graphics animator Christof Görs. In 2019 we decided to set up infomotion with an office in Berlin. 

tilapiafilm.com | California, USA

I have been collaborating with Tilapia since 2014. Tilapia works with companies, non-profits, and television broadcasters, using real life situations and people to inspire, inform, and educate. They always look for ways to use distinct cinematography, stylized graphics, and unique music to capture and affect audiences. The creations include documentaries, corporate brand videos, non-profit campaign films, book videos, interstitials, title sequences, and music videos. us


UK slang

Short form of “isn’t it”. Used at the end of a statement for emphasis.

Michael Caine says it best.

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