Mastering Econometrics with Josh Angrist

Educational series teaching Econometrics

Project details

This ongoing series for Marginal Revolution University is devised and presented by Nobel winner Joshua Angrist. To date there have been 7 videos with more in the pipeline.

If you're looking to untangle cause and effect in a complex world, then econometrics is what you seek. Join MIT professor Joshua Angrist (2021 Nobel winner) and learn to master the econometrics "Furious Five": random assignment, regression, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity designs, and differences-in-differences methods.

Production company: Tilapia Film

Creative & animation: Ole Sturm

Additional environment art: Ahmet Can Kahraman

View all 7 videos here

Weapons Intros

The more recent videos in the series have required these “Weapons Intros” at the start of the video. Modelled in C4D and composited in After Effects/Element 3D.

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