Marginal Revolution University

A long-running series of educational videos to teach economics.

Project details

For nearly a decade Tilapia Film has been producing the higher end videos for Marginal Revolution University, an online resource of over 900 economics videos set up by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok.

I have been providing Tilapia with the animation and VFX content for the videos since 2014. Due to the large volume I often bring on freelancers with whom I have built long-standing relationships.

Production company: Tilapia Film

Design & animation: Ole Sturm

Additional animation: Mikhail Krasnyk, Andrew Bochek, Kim Jensen, Davidson Rodriguez


Videos are grouped into courses and each course requires a different style, in order to keep things fresh and interesting. Over the years there have been a large number of different styles. The above are a couple of screen grabs from some of my preferred episodes.

talking heads

Most of the videos feature an economist/presenter who is filmed against a white background on site in the US. One of the challenges was to keep things interesting by integrating the presenter within the motion graphics in different ways.

more videos

There are way too many videos to show here – these are some of my favourites.

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