Selection of maps created over the years

Castaic power station

Video created for permantent display at the Castaic Power station.

Maps were crated in GEOLayers

The second video is an alternate version that was created but not used.

war in the pacific

Maps created for a documentary in 2022

This first map was created in GEOLayers whilst the second one was created in After Effects.

a brilliant genocide

Maps created for the documentary “A Brilliant Genocide”.

The map was created in After Effects.

miscellaneous maps

Selection of maps created for a variety of documentaries, in collaboration with Laurence Dodd.

Maps were created in Softimage 3D and After Effects.

feature films

Selection of maps created for “Behind Enemy Lines” and “Mission: impossible 2”, in collaboration with Peter Menich.

All maps were created in After Effects.

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