In-show graphics content for documentaries.

List of projects

The below is a list of the documentary projects I have worked on. The work often included graphic design for press kits and print graphics.

Jack has a Plan

In-show graphics, lower thirds, end credits and digital effects.

Jack Tuller Documentary Film Project

Jack, a man with a terminal brain tumor for 25 years, decides to end his life, his family and friends struggle to accept his decision. Jack’s best friend documents his three-year quest to die a happy man, culminating in a permanent going-away party.

rodents of unusual size

Digital effects.

Tilapia Film

Hard headed Louisiana fisherman Thomas Gonzales doesn't know what will hit him next. After decades of hurricanes and oil spills he faces a new threat - hordes of monstrous 20 pound swamp rats. Known as "nutria", these invasive South American rodents breed faster than the roving squads of hunters can control them. And with their orange teeth and voracious appetite they are eating up the coastal wetlands that protects Thomas and his town of Delacroix Island from hurricanes. But the people who have lived here for generations are not the type of folks who will give up without a fight. Thomas and a pack of lively bounty hunters are hellbent on saving Louisiana before it dissolves beneath their feet. It is man vs. rodent. May the best mammal win.

N of 1

In-show graphics with Mikhail Krasnykh

Flying Mind

In medicine, innovation can come from unexpected sources. A Canadian electronics businessman with no medical training, an immunologist from Israel, and a transplant surgeon from England meet in a hospital in India.

nat bates for mayor

Opening titles.

Formaldehyde Films

Nat Bates for Mayor tells the story of the outrageous 2014 mayoral race in Richmond, CA - home to the state's second largest refinery where Chevron spent more than $3 million to back 83-year-old African-American candidate Nat Bates.

a brilliant genocide


Atlantic Star Productions

A Brilliant Genocide' is a political exposé and human rights documentary that details the untold story of suffering and an unrecognized genocide against the Acholi people of northern Uganda by the current Government, under President Yoweri Museveni, who has for decades been staunch ally to the west.

a dangerous idea

In-show graphics, digital fx & consulting.

Paragon Media

The documentary, A Dangerous Idea, reveals how biologically determined politics has disenfranchised women and people of color provided a rationale for state-sanctioned crimes committed against America’s most vulnerable citizens.

seed hunter

In-show graphics and maps with Laurence Dodd.

360 Degree Films

Seed Hunter will take you on a remarkable journey from the drought ravaged farms of Australia, to the heart of the Middle East, to the mountains of Tajikistan where charismatic Australian scientist Dr Ken Street – a real life version of Indiana Jones – and his team of ‘gene detectives’ hunt for plant genes that will help our food withstand the impact of 21st century global warming.

revealing gallipoli

In-show graphics and maps with Laurence Dodd.

December Media

An award-winning, in-depth look at what happened on Australia's most revered place of battle. Revealing Gallipoli tells the many remarkable stories of hardship and survival from several different perspectives, taking into account the circumstances and revealing the brutality of warfare.

who's afraid of designer babies

In-show graphics and opening titles.

Film Australia

Australia is at the forefront of new genetic technology that will let us "design" our descendants. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or PGD allows scientists to screen embryos conceived through IVF. But what is the potential of this technology and who should decide how to use it? This compelling documentary follows a couple who are trying to have a child with the right genetic make-up to save their son's life. It also talks to parents who have used PGD for gender selection and to leading scientists and ethicists from around the world. Going beyond sensationalist media headlines, this fascinating and thought-provoking film presents a wide range of perspectives on a complex and emotionally charged issue.

dvd slick

muddy waters

In-show graphics, maps and opening titles.

360 Degree Films

The Great Barrier Reef is dying - can anything be done to save it? Muddy Waters journeys to the plantations of north Queensland and into an underwater world to find out what’s killing the reef and what can be done to save it.

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